Esports start ups can win $50,000 in Vegas launchpad

08 September 2016


Forming part of Naruscope’s Casinos and Esports Conference is an inviting $50,000 launchpad competition for esports start up companies.

Chris Grove, Narus Advisors
Chris Grove, Narus Advisors

The Esports & Casino Resorts Esports Startup Launchpad is being delivered in partnership with Manatt Digital.

Interested parties can apply online here and now with a 100 word ‘elevator pitch’. The selected finalists will then have to prove their mettle by pitching in front of a panel of judges and an audience at the event on October 26th.

The victor will receive a ‘$50,000 prize package’ which includes services from Narus and Manatt.

Narus Advisors Partner Chris Grove spoke to Esports Insider ahead of the conference.

He said: “The growth of esports has inspired the launch of hundreds of companies that alter, enhance, or extend the experience. We wanted to provide a platform – and an audience – for the best of this new wave of companies.

“While many of our entrants are focused on the intersection of esports and betting, there’s plenty of room in the launchpad for companies that focus on other aspects of the esports experience. We’ve received submissions from training sites, companies looking to change the way viewers engage with streaming, and companies aiming at reshaping the nature of live esports events.”

“Esports & Casino Resorts is a conference dedicated to advancing the conversation between the esports and gambling industries. We believe startups will play a critical role in forging the relationship between those two industries, so it made sense to us to utilize the conference to highlight some of the most interesting and exciting esports-related startups in the market.”

The conference should attract those interested in betting and esports, and moreover how esports can offer the landbased casino business an opportunity to reinvigorate itself.

There are some big names amongst the speakers including Unikrn CEO Rahul Sood, Esports GM at Turner Sports Christina Alejandre, Director of Esports Operations at Twitch Nick Allen and plenty more.