Scrub League Weekly – SMITE, VR in CS:GO and Pokken’s absence

On this week’s episode of SMITE League — we mean, Scrub League, hosts Colin, Kevin and Sam sit down with Kevin ‘Adanas’ Meier to talk about all things SMITE.

The caster and SPL manager chats with the Scrubs about skins, his favourite gods, the Paradigm banning incident, and of course touches on the Paladins vs Overwatch controversy.

The FGC gets a shoutout as Colin laments the absence of Li Joe at Brooklyn Beatdown and brings up a cheeky list by RedBull about the 10 different kinds of Street Fighter V players.

Later on, the Scrubs touch on virtual reality viewing in CounterStrike, Pokken’s absence from the Pokemon World Championships and Northern Arena’s StarCraft II finals.