Team NP reveals GG.BET as second sponsor

10 November 2016


The new Dota 2 team, Team NP, took to their website to reveal their second sponsor. This one comes from the gambling industry and is esports specialist GG.Bet.

The relatively fresh roster is spearheaded by Jacky ‘EternalEnvy’ Mao, a player involved in the Team Secret drama surrounding ill timed payments and cuts being taken from players that were not previously agreed.

Although it’s unconfirmed – it seems as though Jacky has continued to operate in a team whereby there is no official ownership structure but it is in fact run by the players. Their previous sponsorship announcement saw FYM Hot Sauce announce a sponsorship in their first foray into the esports realm.

It’s the latest in a string of sponsorships for esports dedicated, though. Before sponsoring Team NP, they had existing sponsorship with CIS team Team Empire and North American company Luminosity Gaming. Fans are offered a specific code to enter when signing up which will provide them with a bonus upon signup. 

In the announcement on their website stated (seeming to reaffirm that Jacky is running his own team): 

“We consider supporting the independence of Team NP to be a privilege. What Jacky ‘EternalEnvy’ Mao is trying to achieve with his new team is a breath of fresh air for esports. Successful player-run organizations are a dime in a dozen and GG.Bet will do it’s absolute best to help this team grow.”

Esports Insider: It’s great to see NP picking up sponsorship despite not being a big name in esports (although the players are fairly high profile). offer a huge range of odds and as previously mentioned – it’s not their first sponsorship so they should be well versed by now.