Vermantia announces esports betting solution

31 January 2017


Global betting content solutions provider, Vermantia has announced the launch of Vermantia eSPORTS.

Yiannis Gangas, Vermantia

This is ‘a complete betting solution on esports, available for all channels (retail, online, mobile) and addressing from enthusiastic gamers to sportsbook players alike’. For the time-being the Greek company will only offer CS:GO via a partnership with PvPRO Gaming but there are ‘more titles to follow’. 

Yiannis Gangas, Vermantia’s Chief Product Officer, commented: “We are excited to embark into esports, with a fully customisable and all-inclusive betting product, to enable our customers expand their offering and address millennials alongside their existing client base.

By also adding esports on Vermantia CONNECT, our multi-vendor and multi-content platform, we are uniquely positioned to meet the evolving needs of leading operators for top quality and immersive gaming content.”

Vermantia eSPORTS utilises data, statistics and results from more than 1,000,000 esports games per month to create a broad range of tailored bet markets and odds, adaptable to any regulatory framework. The betting events vary from 24/7 highlights of top quality CS:GO games, to bespoke live tournaments between professional teams specifically for the needs of each operator. 

The company will be showcasing Vermantia eSPORTS at ICE Totally Gaming on stand S4-120, where it will also host a live CS:GO challenge between professional teams. Visitors will have the chance to ttry some CS:GO maps for themselves which have been especially designed for the event!

Esports Insider says: There’s going to be esports everywhere you look at ICE this year. Vermantia aren’t the only ones trying to grab people’s attention with a CS:GO showcase but we’ll sure as hell be stopping by.