ESIC and ICSS Europe unite to combat betting fraud in esports

17 February 2017


Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros and Ian Smith

ICSS Europe and the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) have joined forces in order to better tackle betting fraud within esports. 

Ian Smith, Integrity Commissioner for ESIC, said at the ceremony: “I am very pleased that ESIC has been able to expand its capacity with such an experienced and able organisation as ICSS EUROPE.

“We share the same vision – for sport played to win and free of manipulation and corruption – and it has, consequently, been an easy and obvious decision to work together. I’m certain the esports community will see quick results from this collaboration and I’m looking forward to working with Emanuel and his team over the coming months.”

ICSS Europe will help ESIC to enhance education around anti-corruption for players, competitors, game developers and tournament organisers. The organisation will also support the development of awareness initiatives to promote integrity across the industry and provide investigative support on match-fixing investigations. This will include liaising with betting analysts, conducting interviews, carrying out research and obtaining statements.

ICSS Europe is a non profit and independent organisation which has, thus far, been aimed at safeguarding duties in a range of traditional sports. You can read more about it here

Emanuel Macedo de Medeiros CEO of ICSS EUROPE, stated: “Esports is a rapidly expanding industry. Without appropriate oversight, it may be left open to abuses and corrupt practices. This must be avoided at all costs! Thanks to the important work being carried out by the Esports Integrity Coalition, as a guardian of the sporting integrity of esports, this risk is being minimised.

“The ICSS EUROPE is delighted to partner with ESIC. We look forward to working with them during our 12-month action plan and to support their global anti-corruption campaign. Like ESIC, the ICSS EUROPE is committed to safeguarding integrity and eliminating cheating from sport. This is our mission and we take it very seriously.”

Esports Insider says: The crackdown continues and more good work from ESIC. The involvement of ICSS Europe should help safeguard esports and make corruption and cheating far harder still.