Momentum Worldwide and PMK•BNC launch collaborative gaming and esports practice

Two very well established agencies, Momentum Worldwide and PMK•BNC have joined forces to announce the formation of a new cross-agency practice focused on connecting brands with the video games and esports industry.

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The release states that the cross-agency practice will provide consultation services for brands interested in the world of gaming and esports. It will serve to “identify opportunities for sponsorships, in-game marketing, influencer marketing, team and league representation, and more; best-in-class activation expertise for brand experiences and live events; branded content; digital/social engagements; and PR and media outreach, among other services”. 

The new practice will be headed up by Momentum’s Glenn Minerly (Entertainment and Gaming Partnerships) and PMK•BNC’s Mark Van Lommel (Brand Marketing and Esports Content). It will be based out of the agencies’ respective global headquarters in New York and Los Angeles respectively. 

Momentum has worked with the likes of Coca Cola, Facebook, Microsoft, XBOX and the Premier League whilst PMK•BNC‘s Corporate Entertainment clients include global stars such as Cameron Diaz, Christina Aguilera, Eric Clapton and Seth Macfarlane but to name a few. 

“The opportunity in gaming for brands is enormous. Bringing together the powerhouse consultation and brand experience expertise of Momentum, with the entertainment, PR and years of deep gaming expertise of PMK•BNC, will help brands connect with fans and their passions and do more,” commented Momentum Chairman/CEO Chris Weil. He continued “For Millennials, Gen Xers and beyond, gaming is an important and key part of their personal entertainment, and is incredibly social.”

The launch of the practice follows Momentum’s global research study, titled “WE KNOW Gamers”. It’s a report that they worked with Twitch to produce and some of the key findings are as follows: 

  • 48% claim that products endorsed by gamers and teams feel authentic, and 44% say their propensity to purchase increases if endorsed by a gamer or team admired by the individual.
  • 68% of gamers believe sponsorship is good for the industry, and 62% are open to brands sponsoring a specific gamer or team.
  • 53% of people surveyed believe that by 2022, watching and playing Esports and gaming will overtake watching and playing traditional sports.

“Brand spending in Esports sponsorship is projected to grow 57% this year, reaching approximately $263 million, which shows both the increasing momentum in this space and also that it’s still in its infancy, compared with sponsorship spend levels in traditional sports,” said Michael Nyman, Chairman and CEO of PMK•BNC. He added: “Gaming and gamers represent an underrepresented market clamoring for brands to come in and provide legitimacy and meaningful experiences.” 

“Our research shows that 81% of gamers say it will always be a part of their lives and brands that ignore people’s big passion points, like gaming, do so at their own peril,” revealed Glenn Minerley. “Our practice will dispel the misconceptions and help brands connect with this passionate and engaged population.”

Esports Insider: Two very well esteemed global agencies joining together to create an esports/gaming focused practice should be good news for the industry. Teams, tournaments and influencers alike will be keeping their eye out as we could see even more non-endemic brands entering the space.