Sportradar and Fortuna esports sign multi-year partnership

Sportradar has announced its second multi-year audiovisual streaming, data and integrity partnership in  a week, this time with Fortuna Esports. 

James Watson, Sportradar

Sportradar will be the exclusive provider of betting audio-visual streams and transmissions for all matches run in Fortuna tournaments. The latest tournament to be run will be the Esports Balkan League, a 23,000 EUR tournament which gets underway shortly. Sportradar will have exclusive access to the official data from the tournament organiser’s competitions. 

As a result of the partnership, Fortuna will be covered by Sportradar’s Fraud Detection System which will help monitor betting patterns across all matches. 

Updating the media, Fortuna Esports CEO Mihajlo Jovanović Dzaril said the partnership came at an opportune time in the lead up to the launch of the all-new Balkan League: “This is a ground-breaking partnership for us in what is a very exciting time at Fortuna as we get set to launch the Balkan League. Sportradar are global leaders in their field and share our enthusiasm and passion for gaming. Their streaming, data and integrity services will offer crucial support in our efforts to promote the best professional players from our region whilst providing enthusiasts worldwide a truly enjoyable and credible esports experience.”

James Watson, Head of Esports at Sportradar, commented on the agreement: “This new relationship will allow us to add to our growing coverage of esports games and tournaments across the world. We are experiencing a real momentum in the market now, as tournament organisers are really engaging with our suite of services and realising how we can amplify their competitions in their region but also further afield. What Fortuna are driving is a real sea-change in the way esports is organised and promoted around the Balkans and we are really excited that we can do our bit to help and protect that growth.”

Esports Insider says: A second deal in a matter of days for Sportradar. Fortuna are fairly small in the grand scheme of esports but still, it’s a good partnership for both sides nonetheless.