QYOU Media to launch “Heads Up Daily” on Ginx Esports TV Canada

QYOU Media, a curator of premium “best-of-the-web” video for multiscreen distribution has announced an upcoming launch of “Heads Up Daily” (“HUD”), a daily show of curated esports content. The first licensing partner for the series is Super Channel’s GINX Esports TV Canada.

Credit: QYOU

Each episode will see a QYOU host welcome guests, from esports professionals to gaming developers, to popular streamers – for tournament recaps, esports “top plays” and hot topics in the “world of gaming” and upcoming event previews.

“As the home of the best esports entertainment in Canada, we are excited to be the first partner to carry QYOU’s Heads Up Daily format,” said Super Channel’s President and CEO, Don McDonald. “Esports has seen huge momentum in the last couple of years, now reaching mass audiences the world over, and Canada is a leading market for monetizing this new entertainment medium. We are always on the lookout for new types of esports content to keep our gamer audiences engaged, so it’s a natural fit to bring QYOU’s show to our programming line-up and to capitalize on QYOU’s expertise with digital-first content and millennial viewers.”

HUD will be produced in Canada in partnership with ECG Productions in Markham Ontario and built with plans to customize and localize the programming globally through QYOU’s broadcast and mobile distribution partnerships.

Curt Marvis, QYOU’s CEO & Co-founder commented: “This is our first step into the hottest area in sports and television today, which is generating huge levels of engagement from the millennial and Gen Z audience that we know best. We are very excited to partner with Super Channel and ECG Productions to launch this flagship esports format and plan to leverage our global distribution relationships to support the program sales and produce what we hope will become a global series for QYOU. We anticipate the positive impact on 2018 revenues from Head’s Up Daily global distribution to be substantial.”

Esports Insider says: A new show on the block. From first glimpses it seems like a Canadian version of Ginx’s On the DDL, so we’ll have to see if its as good!