RumbleMonkey expands closed beta and adds new features

Jacob Rapoport, RumbleMonkey

RumbleMonkey, the online platform that allows gamers to play head-to-head in their favorite esports titles for real money, has announced that it is expanding its closed beta, and adding a ‘suite of new features’. 

The new features include a ‘more intuitive onboarding process’, as well as an upgraded match history and statistics, improved funds management, and a seamless user experience.

Jacob Rapoport, RumbleMonkey CEO commented: “The expansion of our beta is an important moment for RumbleMonkey and our users.

“Right from the start, our goal has been to develop a platform that makes it fun and easy for gamers to jump into their favorite games and compete in real-money matches. This update is a major step toward that goal.”

RumbleMonkey currently supports only Hearthstone but has plans to expand into other titles down the line. Admittedly it’s Hearthstone’s popularity amongst pro poker players which makes it a more obvious and natural fit for real money play.

We interviewed Jacob back in March about their plans in the space. 

Esports Insider says: We like the feel of the RumbleMonkey platform and it’s a great, and safe, option for Hearthstone players to play head to head for real money. We’re looking forward to new titles being added and RumbleMonkey’s further development.