ESI Gambling Report: IEM Oakland PUBG, Bet365 lead the way

15 November 2017


Excitement is building ahead of PLAYERUNKNOWN’s Battlegrounds second big esports display at IEM Oakland this weekend. Twenty teams are set to battle it out for their share of a mammoth prize-pool – all still ahead of the smash-hit game’s actual release.

Credit: PUBG

The game, which is still in early access, has destroyed every record set on steam. It has reached over 2,000,000 concurrent users and has sold over 20 million copies, netting developer Bluehole a fortune. Most recently, the test server has been updated with a new vaulting update and updates to bullet projectiles and a whole lot more. The game is set to change, but Oakland will still be an exciting prospect for those enamoured with the fledgling esports title.

We had a look across three major bookmakers at their offerings before the tournament gets underway this weekend. In typical fashion, Bet365 lead the way again here – and have done in PUBG over recent months. The bookmaker are near enough the only operator that have offered odds on the smaller Auzom tournaments, and there’s significantly more depth in their Oakland offering than other operators.

Whilst on Betway punters can only back the outright winner, Pinnacle offer outright plus round betting. Bet365, of course, have gone above and beyond with “Teams Most Kills in the Match; Region of Winner; Betting without FaZe; Team versus Field; Team – Most Kills in Round 1” etc etc. In fact, there’s 35 different options available for those wishing to have a dabble.

As always, we have collected the outright odds as a point of comparison to provide those interested in having a bet a view as to where the best value can be obtained.

It may be facetious, but where the N/A is stated in the Pinnacle and Betway columns it’s to show that both operators have not updated their markets following roster acquisitions. The previous favourite, Gorilla Core eSports were acquired by FaZe recently, whilst Digital Chaos and Wind and Rain have also picked up rosters recently. Both Pinnacle and Betway still list “WhiteKids and Team PogChamp” although theoretically both of those teams no longer compete.

Additionally, Betway still offer odds on AVANGAR who were replaced on November 3rd by Crimson Esports – so it’s not particularly pretty reading for anyone. Other than 365, of course.

Team Bet365 Pinnacle Betway
FaZe Clan 3.00 N/A N/A
against All Auth 6.00 6.07 7.00
Liquid 8.00 8.09 7.00
TSM 9.00 9.10 9.00
Luminosity 15.00 14.15 15.00
PENTA 17.00 16.18 17.00
Ghost 19.00 18.20 19.00
Alliance 21.00 20.22 21.00
Crimson 21.00 20.22 N/A
NiP 21.00 20.22 21.00
Method 23.00 22.24 26.00
Corn Shuckers 23.00 22.24 21.00
Tempo Storm 26.00 26.29 31.00
Wind and Rain 26.00 N/A N/A
Digital Chaos 26.00 N/A N/A
Noble 26.00 26.29 26.00
RONIN 31.00 31.34 31.00
C9 31.00 31.34 31.00
EG 41.00 19.79 41.00
Miami Flamingos 81.00 81.89 61.00

There are clearly sloppy little mistakes that are easily avoidable – but if Bet365 can, then surely the likes of Betway and Pinnacle can too? Again, 365 going to show why for many they’re heads and shoulders above everyone else when it comes to outrights.

Still, it’s good to see PUBG being offered. Everyone’s come a long way in a year.