Esports Life to launch on November 30th allowing players to “become an esports star”

U-Play Online is set to release “Esports Life”, an esports simulator in which players are able to assume the role of an amateur video games enthusiast with the ultimate aim of becoming an esports star. The game is set to release on November 30th. 

The U-Play Online studio is an independent video game studio based in Barcelona, Spain who created similar title “Youtubers life” which made it into the top 100 best sellers on Steam in 2016. The developer has also made games such as Striker Manager, Striker Soccer, Swipe Basketball as well as other titles that have been played by more than 50,000,000 users worldwide across both mobile and PC. 

The simulator will allow those, like ourselves, that are completely inept at video games to immerse themselves in a virtual world and become the ultimate esports star. With official licenses signed with esports teams, fans and players will be able to sign for official teams and showcase skills in both FPS and MOBAs. The game will start at home, where players will have the all too real task of balancing academic, social and professional life whilst training to become an esports “legend”. The game teases “you can even end up controlling the lucrative esports industry as a whole”. 

The list of features includes: 

  • Official Clubs Licenses;
  • Different gaming disciplines: FPS and MOBA;
  • Custom your characters;
  • Stream your matches;
  • Train hard and compete in tournaments;
  • Build your relationships and make a team;
  • Meet love;
  • Sign for real teams.

Esports Insider says: This is the game we’ve been calling out for. Despite team ESI being ridiculously good at FIFA, pretty dismal at Rocket League and all round useless at pretty much everything else – this will finally give us the chance to go pro. It doesn’t matter if it’s merely a sim game, does it? We look forward to giving the game a whirl and finally becoming the world number one…