FTW Talent esports agency launches globally

Drew Holt-Kentwell and Roger R.Quiles have joined forces to launch FTW Talent, a global esports agency. 

Copyright: 1971yes / 123RF Stock Photo

Kentwell has been in and around esports for over ten years, having played competitively, managed a team and been head of global esports at Razer. Most recently, he founded Catalyst Esports Solutions, a brand marketing agency headquartered in Singapore.

Quiles has a different background, having come from the legal side. He built a law practice focused in and around the esports industry as well as having represented on the traditional sports side both amateur and professional athletes. 

The release states that the agency will be released as a professional resource and launchpad to focus on the growth and development of players, coaches and even content creators at “all levels”. The website lists an extensive array of services as broad as “career management” as well as: team acquisition, contract negotiation, licensed deals, endorsements and sponsorship, graphics and design, social media and post-career management. 

Roger R.Quiles stated: “The exponential growth of esports in recent years has created a burgeoning pool of young, aspiring players, coaches, and content creators who lack the time or know-how to legally protect themselves, seek out endorsements or licensed deals, negotiate their own contracts, or negotiate employment terms with prospective teams. We pride ourselves on offering the most comprehensive services for esports talent out there and will bring unparalleled support to those who want to enhance their careers with carefully planned strategy in a sustainable, realistic fashion.”

“We’re excited to pioneer the way esports influencers extract maximum value from their careers, as well as connect brands with the right esports players and influencers to reach their desired target audience. FTW Talent is fantastically equipped to give our clients career management through extensive experience, a diverse industry network, and the access to opportunities around the world,” shared founder and co-owner Holt-Kentwell. He continued: “We welcome developing and accomplished clients alike, anywhere in the world.”

The agency has already got off to an impressive start. The release states that FTW Talent now houses over 25 esports players, coaches, and content creators across League of Legends, Overwatch and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Names include: Nicki Taylor, Geoff “iNcontrol” Robinson, Daniel “Boink” Pence, Skyler “Relyks” Weaver, Erikas “ErycTriceps” Vaitkevicious, and Lewis “Noxiak” Felix.

Esports Insider says: Congrats to Drew and Roger on the new venture. It’s important for brands looking to enter the space to use the right people, and equally players to ensure they have legal representation. Here’s hoping it goes well!