UltraPlay adds GWENT to its esports betting portfolio

18 December 2017


Betting solutions provider UltraPlay has recently announced that GWENT has joined its esports betting portfolio. As such, the Bulgarian company has become the first provider to offer betting on the popular card game. 

Peter Ivanov, UltraPlay

This also means that UltraPlay is now able to offer odds on a total of 25 titles, and 3000 esports events monthly. Gwent is a free-to-play, turn-based card game which has built a solid fan base of more than 500,000 players worldwide since its launch in 2016.

Peter Ivanov, Head of Esports trading at UltraPlay had this to say of the news: “Gwent is a perfect choice for a card game that offers endless fun to the players. The eSports betting brands using UltraPlay’s products will be one step ahead of the competition providing another exciting option to their players.

“We believe that the game holds a great potential to attract many eSports punters with passion and experience in card games.”

The first Gwent event that UltraPlay covered was this weekend and the company reportedly ‘recorded a huge interest’. Eight of the best Gwent players worldwide took part in the GWENT Challenger #2 which saw a $100,000 (£74,874) prize pool.

Gwent, which is made by developer CD PROJEKT RED, has its Gwent Masters as the game’s official esports series. It has been well backed, with some solid prize pools for a debut series, and you can read more about the structure and format here as the battle for the game’s first Gwent World Champion continues. 

Esports Insider says: UltraPlay now offering Gwent means their overall offering and esports betting portfolio is expanded once again. Whether people take to wagering on Gwent is another question but the game has amassed some following since 2016, and the option to gamble on it could even find the CD PROJEKT RED title some new fans.