Unikrn adds CoinHub and Braveno exchanges to UnikoinGold fold

12 December 2017


UnikoinGold, the crypto token launched by esports dedicated bookmaker Unikrn has added Braveno and CoinHub exchanges to open more opportunities for acquisition of UnikoinGold. 

The release comes in a Medium post from Unikrn CEO Rahul Sood in which he addresses issues regarding the coins initial drop in price and further emphasises that the team over at Unikrn have a lot of features in the offing. 

The announcement reads “Today, I’m happy to bring two more exchanges into our folds: CoinHub and Braveno. Each brings uniquely valuable traits to the UKG ecosystem that we know will benefit our users now, and in the future”. 

CoinHub is an exchange which will allow users to purchase UKG directly with FIAT currency. Furthermore, CoinHub will allow crypto exchanges for Bitcoin and Ethereum as well as USD, Euros and SGD. The platform is new, but Unikrn places emphasis on it being a “quality regulated platform” which ties in well to the nature of the Unikrn business. The platform is available for users in the Middle East and Europe, but not the States and elsewhere. 

Braveno is built for companies and developers and should help platform partners utilise the Unikrn platform easily by creating UKG liquidity. Rahul places emphasis on this becoming increasingly important as the functions and experiences get added to the existing offering.

Further assurances are provided by Sood, as he stated “The fact is, we’re a business with active token applications, we are continuing to improve token uses, and we are working on building a network of highly respectable exchanges. Blockchain wasn’t built overnight. It takes immense effort to create “sudden” success.” 

He concludes with a festive greeting and: “UnikoinGold’s foundation is strong, but I’m most excited about what we’ll be building on and announcing about that foundation for the end of this year and throughout 2018. Buckle up, it’s just about to get real! There will be more exchanges coming.”

Esports Insider says: Congratulations to Rahul and the team, we wish them the best of luck for 2018 and hope to see some exciting features in the new year.