Philadelphia Fusion’s new president is Comcast CEO’s son

Philadelphia Fusionthe Overwatch League franchise owned by Comcast, has found itself a new President in Tucker Roberts. As such Tucker becomes the third generation of the Roberts family to obtain a level of presidency in the Comcast Group – according to Esports Observer.

Tucker Roberts, Philadelphia Fusion
Tucker Roberts, Philadelphia Fusion

The Comcast Group is no stranger to sports with its subdivision Comcast Spectactor owning the NHL franchise Philadelphia Flyers, and it recently ventured into esports when it bought one of 12 available spots in the franchised Overwatch League by Blizzard Entertainment. The company worked in the gaming industry previous to this move when it paired with Activision to give XFINITY broadband users free access to a closed beta of Call of Duty: World War II.

In an interview with The Inquirer, Tucker declared that esports is “the future of sport for millennials” and wanted to be part of the Overwatch League as soon as he heard Comcast Spectacor acquired one of the few lucrative spots.

Tucker, and Comcast Spectacor, is behind just one of the 12 teams in the newly-formed league. Each of the other owners is subject to impressive financial backing or is a business owner themselves, such as OpTic Gaming being acquired by Texas Rangers co-owner Neil Leibman, and forming the franchise Houston Outlaws.

Initially planning to make his way up in the world of finance, Tucker decided to explore technology, gaming, and entrepreneurship instead. He had previously interned at Activision Blizzard, which is coincidentally behind the Overwatch League. Tucker initially joined the Philadelphia Fusion as a Strategic Adviser in September 2017, managing its day-to-day proceedings, signing talent, and managing the brand itself.

Philadelphia Fusion has just competed in the very first week of the Overwatch League, standing at a record of 1 win and 1 loss after facing the Houston Outlaws and London Spitfire respectively.

Esports Insider says: The Overwatch League has only been running for a week and it’s already proving to be sufficiently entertaining, so there’s no better time to be a main player in one of the 12 in-demand spots. Good luck to Tucker and Philadelphia Fusion!