Team Liquid has entered the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League

16 January 2018


Team Liquid has added yet another game to its ever-expanding portfolio by acquiring MOPA Team and entering the Pro League for Rainbow Six Siege.

Team Liquid
Team Liquid

The former MOPA Team is made up of players from Black Dragons and BRK Esports, and will represent Team Liquid in the 2018 Pro League. The roster includes players Leo “ziG” Duarte, André “neskwga” Oliveira, Lucas “yuuk” Rodrigues, José “Bullet1” Victor, and Thiago “xS3xycake” Reis.

This roster came together and achieved impressive placements, second and fourth, in the May and August World Finals respectively. The team also won the Latin American Finals and the Brazil Championship. Liquid will be hoping this roster can continue to find success in the up-and-coming esport.

In 2017 alone, Rainbow Six Siege reached 25 million players across all platforms. Ubisoft, the developer, used a lot of resources last year to improve various aspects of the game – including the matchmaking system, the recoil system, and adding a ranked game mode entitled Operation: Health. This level of support is impressive, and proves that the developer is serious about the game – which is reassuring for organisations such as Team Liquid that want to get involved in the action.

Team Liquid will compete in the LATAM region of the Pro League for 2018, and the organisation states that it is now a “long-term franchise partner of Ubisoft and Rainbow Six Esports.”

Esports Insider says: Team Liquid entering the scene is promising for the esport. This could have something of a domino effect, and we wouldn’t be too surprised if other big orgs follow suit.