UnikoinGold joins Bittrex in the latest exchange expansion

UnikoinGold, the crypto token launched by esports dedicated bookmaker Unikrn has now been listed on Bittrex, “the fastest and most secure digital currency trading platform in the world”. 

The news was revealed by CEO Rahul Sood in a Medium post just before the New Year and follows the earlier news that UnikoinGold was listed on both CoinHub and Braveno. The news surrounding Bittrex was much better received though, with the trading platform clearly held in higher regard by crypto traders and investors alike. 

Sood stated in his post: “Putting our token on an exchange like Bittrex is a privilege, and we want to send our users to platforms we — and they — can trust. As always, we will continue to be working day and night with our global team for improvements, expansions and use cases to help meet and exceed our road map. There’s a reason our users saw UnikoinGold as the decentralized token of esports and gaming during our unprecedented sale”. 

The release also quotes Bill Shihara, CEO of Bittrex. He commented: “We see Bittrex as a crucial incubator for the growth of the blockchain’s best technology and business models. Unikrn definitely fits that bill: they’re a pre-established, venture-backed business at the heart to two of the world’s fastest-growing spaces: esports and crypto-currency.”

The Unikrn token, $UKG, is still touted as a “utility token” above all, and whilst the value has struggled to climb back to the ICO value, the launch of UnikoinGold betting will be an intriguing one and may make or break the crypto. There has been no official date announced yet for when UKG will be accepted as a valid wagering token, but the Unikrn team has teased several announcements in the first quarter of 2018. 

Esports Insider says: Undoubtedly good news for those who hold UKG and are interested in the token. As aforementioned, the overall success of the token will come down to what the Unikrn team unveil in coming months. For now, though, they’ve eased unrest amongst those who partook in the ICO and saw little to no immediate action taken. Congrats to Rahul and the team on more big news.