Razer proposes buyout of e-payment company MOL Global

Gaming peripheral company Razer has been invested in MOL Global since June 2017 and has now proposed to acquire the companies remaining shares to gain full ownership. The company has reportedly offered $61m for the remaining shares after investing $20m last year.

Razer has been moving heavier and heavier into ecommerce lately with the release of their Steam-alternate Game Store earlier this month. It’s Game Store offers codes per purchase that can be used for exclusive peripheral offers and even game vouchers. They’ve also added their zGold and zSilver currency into the Game Store along with giving users more ways to earn them and exchange them for hardware.

MOL Global operates payments through MOLPoints for games off and online in Southeast Asia as credit cards are rarely used. This allows for large developers like PlayStation and Facebook to monetize their games in that region which will in-turn boost Razer’s ecosystem.

Razer co-founder Min-Liang Tan says the acquisition will allow the company to take over one of Southeast Asia’s largest e-payment networks, deepen its presence in Asia, and created one of the world’s largest virtual credit platforms specifically for gamers.

Esports Insider says: This is an obvious move from Razer. As it’s Game Store recently launched along with the store currency it’s smart to gain full ownership of the largest virtual credit platform along with stretching its reach to Southeast Asia. The popularity of the Game Store will grow as Razer invests more into perks for using it.