Lithuanian Basketball club Zalgiris Kaunus enters esports

Zalgiris Kaunus, a Lithuanian Basketball club, announced at a press conference that it’s entering the ever-growing world of esports by establishing teams in Hearthstone, League of Legends, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Zalgiris Esports

Zalgiris Esports has partnered with esports organisations Gameplay DNA and Baltic Elite to properly establish itself in the industry. The initial goals for the organisation are said to be winning big in two esports competitions, namely InfoShow and GameOn 2018. It also plans on competing in ESEA, BESL, and DreamHack competitions.

Paulius Motiejunas, Club Director, Zalgiris Kaunus explained the decision: “The power of esports allows to reach the youngest audiences. This industry is rapidly growing and Zalgiris is happy to join the ranks. Zalgiris is a household name in basketball and we want to elevate Lithuanian esports’ impact in the international stage.”

He also explained at the conference that having an esports division to the company is a natural development, especially since they want to keep up to date with current innovations in the sports world. Additionally, he expressed his desire for Zaligiris to become a well-known addition to the competitive gaming scene.

Typically, sports teams seem to flock towards the video game alternative on sports they compete in – including FIFA and NBA 2K. Lagiris entering titles that fall into the first-person shooter, strategy card game, and MOBA categories is a breath of fresh air.

Esports Insider says: There are plenty of fierce competitors from Lithuania in the esports world, but Lithuanian organisations and teams seem sparse – it’s good to see Zalgiris, who are considered a top Basketball team, are entering the industry. Hopefully, it spurs on other sports clubs in the country to branch out into competitive gaming.