Aquis Entertainment and Executive Sports and Entertainment established esports venture QeSports

Aquis Entertainment and Executive Sports and Entertainment have together established QeSports. This esports venture company will include a player and talent management agency along with event and tournament creation and management across Australia and New Zealand.

Credit: QeSports

ESE runs traditional sports and entertainment events like the NRL, AFL and Cricket in Australia and is a part-owner of League of Legends Oceanic Pro League team Bombers, while Aquis owns Casino Canberra in the capital city. ESE’s Co-founder, Rohan Sawyer will become QeSports’ CEO.

Sawyer expressed that this partnership will allow QeSports to develop new assets as a first for Australia: “Australia is becoming a focus of major publishers and brands for investment and we’re aiming to be the market leader across all segments of the esports ecosystem.”

Jessica Mellor, CEO of Aquis Entertainment added: “Aquis Entertainment’s vision is to provide Australia with next-generation entertainment and our move into the esports market is very much in line with our strategy. Australians are well known for their passion for traditional sports and we’re starting to see this translate to esports as the sector matures.”

According to Nielsen Esports Playbook research, the Australian esports audience has more than doubled to 3.2 million in the past five years. Additions like the Gfinity Esports Elite Series expansion to Australia has assisted in that growth.

“Two-thirds of Australian esports fans are aged 18-34 and that’s a market segment we know very well,” said Mellor. “This, coupled with our experience in entertainment venue operations, puts us in a strong position to meet a wide range of expanding needs in the esports space.”

Esports Insider says: Many consider Australia/New Zealand a ‘minor’ region in just about any esport. Although, this doesn’t mean the country doesn’t have a passionate community around it. The combination of these two powerhouse entertainment companies will certainly be explosive and a welcome addition to ANZ. Don’t sleep on the Australian region as more and more support swarms around it.