Super League Gaming and Red Bull launch All-Stars tournament

Red Bull and Super League Gaming have joined forces to launch Red Bull All-Stars, a tournament that will see the strongest competitors from the third season of Super League’s League of Legends City Champs competition.

Red Bull All-Stars will be hosted on July 23rd at Red Bull’s esports studio in Santa Monica, providing a “national stage for the most accomplished five-person teams” out of each of Super League’s four City Champs divisions.

Red Bull All-Stars

Ann Hand, CEO of Super League Gaming discussed the event: “Part of Super League’s mission is to enable aspiring amateur gamers to engage in competitions that mirror the professional experience, which require exceptional teamwork, strategic thinking and effective communication, in addition to high level gameplay skills. Partnering with Red Bull allows us to raise the bar and continue to advance our mission of becoming a true minor league for esports.”

In order for teams to qualify for Red Bull All-Stars, teams took part in the third season of the League of Legends City Champs tournament, which saw teams across four divisions and sixteen cities battle it out. The top team from each division progressed to the newly-announced competition: Seattle Siege, Dallas Dynamite, Miami Menace, and Tampa Bay Dungeoneers. These squads will compete in a bracketed tournament that comprises of best-of-three series.

Chris Wyatt, Program Lead for Riot Games added: “Amateur competition is an important cornerstone of all sports. Super League’s All-Star tournament, along with Red Bull’s involvement, represents a new milestone that all League of Legends players can aspire to compete in North America. We look forward to watching the All-Stars come together and test their skills in this exciting event.”

Esports Insider says: Red Bull has plenty of ties in esports, so seeing that it has extended its offering with another competition is encouraging. Super League Gaming is doing plenty of great things for amateur competitors so it’s nice to see its offering increase too.