UK Masters CS:GO Open at Insomnia63 to feature £30,000 prize pool

Insomnia63 will play host to the UK Masters CS:GO Open, which means Insomnia will continue to give UK Masters control over their BYOC tournaments.

All the UK Masters events will feature an online qualifier component which will offer winners tickets to the event. The CS:GO open will go one step further, however, offering not only tickets to the event but also travel up to £1,000 for the team and accommodation. Once the event proper starts, the top eight teams will all receive some of the £30,000 prize giving incentive for teams to keep battling.

CS:GO is the main draw for the event, with £30,000 is prizes going to the title, £5,000 to League of Legends, £4,000 to Rocket League, £1,500 to Hearthstone. While Insomnia will host their Team Fortress 2 open with a £7,500 prize pool.

UK Masters has opened signups to the events now. The first round of qualifying events starts on June 26th, with Rocket League stating it will begin on day one of Insomnia63. The news comes just days after epic.LAN announced they had teamed up with Grosvenor Casinos for a CS:GO tournament which will offer up £10,000 is prize pool, with 5 qualifiers across the country, each winning £1,000 each before the final event with £5,000 on the line.

Esports Insider says: Grassroots esports and BYOC are great for those starting up. Insomnia and UK Masters teaming up again is also great news for the scene. Insomnia is without a doubt the UK’s biggest LAN event and it needs prize pools to match, especially with the money being thrown around these days. It’s also good to see the other games getting a decent share of the pot, maybe with large signups and big interest other games will get a similar prize pool in future Insomnia events.