Luminosity Gaming enters deal with Universal Music Canada

Luminosity Gaming, an esports organisation based in Toronto, Canada, has entered an exclusive partnership deal with Universal Music Canada.

This deal allows artists who are signed to Universal Music to advertise and share their music through Luminosity Gaming’s various social and digital platforms.

Luminosity Universal Music Canada

Steve Maida, Founder & Owner of Luminosity Gaming discussed the deal: “Our pairing is a natural fit and I’m looking forward to seeing how we can further integrate music into gaming. This partnership with Canada’s leading music company is only further proof esports is multi-faceted and has no boundaries.”

Universal Music has created a new playlist “designed for gamers to stream while they play”, aptly titled the Gaming Hip Hop playlist. Another perk of the deal will see Luminosity Gaming run exclusive contests and share yet-to-be-revealed news from their new partner.

Jeffrey Remedios, President & CEO of Universal Music Canada President also touched on the partnership: “We are always looking for new ways to reach music fans and Luminosity Gaming is the answer. Music is an essential part of esports and gaming as the two worlds are very much intertwined. We’re very proud to forge a local connection with a global reach between two Canadian organizations located in Toronto.”

The announcement suggests some of Universal’s artists may appear in livestreams, videos, and new content series from Luminosity Gaming’s streamers and competitors. It’s worth noting that Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, the biggest streamer currently, is part of the organisation and has a past playing alongside recording artists such as Drake.

Luminosity Gaming’s other partners include SCUF Gaming, Twitch, and META Threads. This is Universal Music Canada’s first foray into the esports industry.

Esports Insider says: It’s clear that cross-promotion is a big part of this deal, and while we can see how Universal’s artists will get more exposure through Luminosity Gaming’s players, it’s not immediately obvious how it’ll work effectively the other way around – we’re intrigued to see it happen nonetheless.