Mark Buser joins Luckbox as Business Intelligence consultant

Mark Buser is joining Luckbox as Business Intelligence consultant, the esports betting company announced through a press release.

As a consultant, Buser is in charge of building and implementing a new BI and customer relationship management infrastructure for Luckbox. The goal is to better understand the players and improve the engagement with those that use Luckbox.

Buser said: “You can’t run a game without BI. You can get lucky and have an idea that works but you don’t know why. In the modern world, you really have to know how to spend your money — your ad money — correctly. To do that, you need good business intelligence. I’m here to validate assumptions and optimise the system. To do that, I need to get numbers, verify that they are accurate and then optimise them.”

Mark Buser, BI Consultant

The experienced consultant started his professional life as a rocket engineer and stayed in that field for 30 years. Buser transitioned full-time into gaming after selling his shares in the company Playdom when it sold to Disney in 2010 for $670 million (£514 million).

Buser became a key contributor to the growth of Idle Games, Gamiana Digital and PokerStars among other companies. At Idle Games, he helped to build BI tools for their flagship Idle Worship. At PokerStars, Buser introduced free-to-play business intelligence methodologies which lead to an improvement in the revenues. Since leaving PokerStars, Buser worked for smaller companies applying his knowledge to improve the user insight and revenue.

Vadim Soloveychik, CMO at Luckbox said: “I know from Mark’s work previously he will be a fantastic asset for Luckbox. He has a brilliant mind and his gift and passion for numbers and business intelligence will help our company not only in being a highly efficient business but in delivering the best possible experience to our players.”

Esports Insider says: Esports are in need of people like Mark Buser with many years of experience and success in business. Luckbox is betting on this new talent to make a difference, they’re investing in Business Intelligence an aspect that companies often ignore. Better engagement with the users is what will set Luckbox apart from other betting start-ups.