U.GG and Doublelift announce new partnership

Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng and U.GG announced a new partnership. Shinggo Lu, CEO at U.GG offered more details about the deal in an exclusive interview with Esports Insider.

U.GG is a new company, it consists of a team with a shared love for League of Legends and simple stats. By the CEO’s definition, it is “a simple statistics site to help people win” that shows “what works best”.

After five months of work, U.GG was ready to launch. One month later, U.GG landed a partnership with Doublelift, one of the most popular League of Legends players in North America.

Shinggo Lu, CEO at U.GG

Shinggo Lu, CEO of U.GG said: “It only made sense. Doublelift says what he believes and shows it with hard work. That’s a shared value and exactly what we want in a partner. It also helps that he enjoys the site.”

Statistics sites are not a new occurrence, and neither are the partnerships with players. U.GG is taking it to the next level with new content and constant feedback between the company and Doublelift.

About the terms of the partnership, Lu added: “Of course, he will promote the site through Twitch, Twitter, and Youtube. Another part of the partnership is the feedback we receive from him. It helps us improve and understand exactly what the players need. We’re also holding a charity stream where Peter will play in the same team with our staff. All the money raised will go to a charity of his choosing.”

The date for the charity stream is yet to be set.

Esports Insider says: U.GG’s approach to this partnership is refreshing. The company is not taking Doublelift’s talent for granted, on the contrary, it’s actively looking for his feedback. A tool built by people that understand the game with collaboration between professionals is what League of Legends needs.