Frankie Ward to host charity PUBG event on September 30th

Esports and gaming host Frankie Ward is gearing up to host the #PUBGChickenCarry charity event on September 30th.

The six-hour session includes Frankie and a number of prominent figures and professionals playing PUBG with a view of raising awareness and funds for mental health charity Mind.

Frankie Ward
Frankie Ward

So, why PUBG? Frankie detailed the many reasons to Esports Insider: “I’ve chosen PUBG for a few reasons. Firstly, we’re a growing esports community with fantastic players, talent and fans. It is definitely the esport where I’ve felt most at home as a host. I wanted to create a charity stream where I encouraged others to get involved to spread awareness among their communities, and to also have some fun.”

“I also knew how horrific I am at PUBG – charity events often involve challenges and endurance – and as well as making myself suffer my own awfulness at PUBG for an extended period of time, I decided to get other people to endure it to – so don’t feel like you’re sponsoring me for this event, support the poor players who have to put up with me!”

PUBG Corp. and esports agency Code Red Esports are both supporting the #PUBGChickenCarry, as Frankie explains: “I’ve got some fantastic swag from PUBG Corp to give away, including tshirts and crate codes, and Code Red Esports are going to donate £50 for my first chicken dinner with each squad – so the pressure is on! So er, if anyone wants to follow suit and also sponsor per chicken dinner, give me a shout!”

#PUBGChickenCarry Schedule
#PUBGChickenCarry Schedule

The #PUBGChickenCarry kicks off on September 30th at 2PM BST and will run until 8PM BST. The likes of professional PUBG players Keiron “Scoom” Prescott and Anssi “AndyPyro” Huovinen, as well as casters Richard “Simms” Simms and Phil “Esquire” Stewart, will be among those helping to carry Frankie throughout the day.

“I think gaming is such an incredible space for us to talk about mental health – from narrative adventures such as Night in the Woods, to having open conversations with Twitch chat,” Frankie elaborated. “Having faces from the esports community open up and share just one experience – whether first hand or otherwise – is a good way to share with fans that they are not alone. Talking and spreading the word is very important – but I also think fundraising for professional organisations like Mind is important.”

You can tune in on Frankie’s Twitch channel, and you can contribute to the cause on the official JustGiving page.

Esports Insider says: Mental health is something that’s not discussed enough in general, never mind in esports. Frankie’s event seems like it will be an entertaining watch and it’s for a very good cause, we hope it goes well and possibly inspires others to do something similar.