H2K & PSG, Splyce reportedly turned down for EU LCS

It has been reported by ESPN that both Splyce and H2K, in which the latter partnered with Paris Saint-Germain to apply, have been declined for a permanent slot in the European League of Legends Championship Series (EU LCS).

It was reported earlier in September that H2K and PSG had joined forces to co-apply for a franchise slot. The deal would have been similar to the partnership LGD Gaming and PSG currently have in Dota 2.

H2K Gaming

Riot Games is said to have met around 24 potential partners over the past three months in Berlin, and evidently the developer and tournament organiser is now at the point where it’s making decisions on which investors to accept into the new-look EU LCS.

The EU LCS is set to follow in the footsteps of the NA LCS, revamping the competition into a franchised system where investors and organisations buy a permanent slot. This means the EU LCS will scrap relegation moving forward in favour of keeping the same teams in the league for the foreseeable future.

The denial of both Splyce and H2K means they will likely exit League of Legends, having joined the EU LCS a number of years ago. Both organisations will receive exit compensation which is worked out based on the amount of splits they have taken part in. These totals will also vary based on the number of new investors that are brought in to the league.

Esports Insider says: It’s interesting to see two long-term teams exiting the EU LCS, it definitely gives the impression that a bunch of new faces are poised to enter the league. We thought the power of PSG would have helped H2K retain their spot, but evidently that’s not the case. Nonetheless, Riot Games is no doubt being meticulous in its decisions and will only bring in organisations that it has compete faith in.

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