Esports One partners with Riot Games Brazil to bring real-time insights to broadcast

Esports One, a data and analytics company, has partnered with Riot Games in Brazil to add real-time statistics and insights into Riot Brazil’s broadcasts.

Esports One’s OneConsole,

There are several different approaches to esports data which range from pulling data from the game publisher API and reading local game files from a player’s computer. Esports One’s approach differs – and as it utilises computer vision technology and machine learning, to capture and analyse what’s happening in an esports match.

The partnership will see Esports One provide statistics and insights to Riot Brazil’s broadcast in real-time, with hopes of improving the broadcast and enhancing the viewer experience.

“We began testing Esports One’s OneConsole at the start of the 2018 CBLoL season. Their team worked closely with us to identify new and exciting statistical insights that lend themselves to great storytelling,” said Carlos Antunes, Head of Esports at Riot Games Brazil. “Recently we started implementing OneConsole features into our live broadcasts; being able to analyze every event in real-time has facilitated an entirely new level of commentary and been eye-opening for myself and the broadcast team. We’re excited to see what the future holds for Riot Games Brazil and Esports One!”

The partnership will first see Riot’s CBLoL team have access to OneConsole, Esports One’s custom-build broadcaster console which provides a database and dashboard of live statistics. It’s designed to be a “second-monitor experience” for commentators, thus providing an easy way to provide in-depth analytics during live games.

“Solidifying a partnership with one of the largest game publishers in the world is a testament to the quality of the team and product that we’ve built at Esports One. I’ve worked with Riot Games ever since I got my start in esports almost a decade ago, and their company-wide value of ‘players first’ aligns perfectly with our mission to enrich esports experiences through real-time data and analytics. We’re excited to see where the future takes us as we continue to lead the charge of innovation in esports,” said Matthew Gunnin, Founder & CEO of Esports One.

Esports Insider says: We love statistics and data in esports and are firm believers that they always enhance the viewer experience. Contextualising data and statistics is key to painting a picture in live broadcast and hopefully this partnership will do just that. We’re excited to see just how it works out.