McDonalds Germany sign strategic partnership with Jung von Matt/SPORTS

06 November 2018


McDonald’s Germany and Jung von Matt/SPORTS have signed a strategic partnership that will see McDonald’s Germany increase its esports efforts going forward.

Copyright: rawpixel / 123RF Stock Photo

The company’s first entrance to esports came at the start of the year, and the recently established partnership between the German arm of the fast-food giant and ESL will continue in 2019 as a result of its success.

Philipp Wachholz, a spokesperson for McDonald’s said: “Entering the esports sector turned out as a perfect move for us. We have noticed a considerable increase in brand attention from our determined target audience”. 

The partnership with Jung von Matt will see a new content strategy for 2019, on top of the already successful activations this year. The partnership with Jung von Matt will also see McDonald’s Germany focus on the area of “trend sports” by focusing more on specific interests of those in the millennial bracket. 

The partnership will see a general “realignment” for McDonald’s Germany. The release suggests strategy will be moved more around lifestyle and around “Sports Pop culture”. 

Toan Nguyen, Executive Strategy Director and Partner of Jung von Matt/SPORTS explains the new approach: “McDonald`s is one of the strongest brands worldwide. On the one hand because everyone knows it. On the other hand, because the brand has been undergoing a constant development by keeping a curious mindset. We are proud to support McDonald`s Germany by entering new fields.”

Robert Zitzmann, Managing Director of Jung von Matt/SPORTS comments: “Our ‘new sports’ approach doesn’t reflect on the age of identified sport segments for McDonald’s: In fact, we evaluated sports environments that have been long part of pop culture already – to some extent since the late 80s already. What’s new is the fact that these sports may not follow traditional institutional patterns. We will focus more on communities, more on freedom and more on lifestyle that naturally matches with the McDonald’s brand.”

Jung von Matt has considerable experience in esports already, with clients such as McDonald’s, Mercedes-Benz, Vodafone, Pringles, Snipes SE, ESL and mousesports.

Esports Insider says: We’ve always been a fan of Jung von Matt’s work. All of those fabulous Mercedes activations, plus Vodafone and Pringles have had Jung von Matt contribute in some way. We’re excited to see how McDonald’s expand their presence in the sector under JvM’s guidance.