Taunt officially launches, aiming to enhance esports viewing experience for fans

02 November 2018


Taunt has officially launched as a free mobile application both on the iOS and Android stores across both the United States of America and Canada.


The application was recently in a closed beta, where the development team listened to feedback from users and refined the app.

The application initially targets League of Legends fans – and will function as a fan engagement tool. Players are able to jump into the application, and compete on leaderboards against their friends and other fans.

The main features are as follows:

  • Make predictions – real-time challenges such as “what will Rekkles KDR be at the end of this match?”
  • Strategic picks – Get points when certain players do very well. There’s also power-ups such as “Girl Power” which provide extra points when a female champion gets a kill.
  • Taunt – Send taunts to friends. These have an impact on gameplay, too. Users can send flashbulbs so friends are dazed and can’t see the answers to the next challenge, or frozen so only half points will be received in the next 30 seconds of gameplay.

“For too long, it’s only been traditional sports fans that have been able to enjoy rich, engaging social interactions while viewing their favorite sports. At Taunt, we believe esports fans deserve exactly the same,” said Jon David, CEO, Taunt. “The response we received during Worlds has been incredible. It’s shown us that what we’ve been working on for so long has been worthwhile – fans are looking for a new way to enhance their gameday experience, and that’s exactly what Taunt delivers. This is just the beginning though. We’ll listen to the feedback we receive and keep improving the app further.”

Based in Seattle with a team of 15 people, Taunt recently secured a $3M round of investment, led by Foundry Group.

Esports Insider says: We love fan engagement tools like this. There’s an abundance in the world of traditional sports and it’s cool to see them come over to esports too. The idea of Taunt is awesome and we’re excited to see it rolled out worldwide and across multiple game titles. It’s come at the right time too as the Western world looks set to cheer Fnatic on this weekend.