Allegiance to shut down operations in 2019

07 December 2018


Allegiance has announced that it will officially stop running from 2019 in a mutual decision with its parent company, Infinite Esports and Entertainment.

In February, it was announced that Allegiance had been acquired by Infinite Esports and Entertainment after shutting down operations in 2017. This move put it alongside OpTic Gaming and, from March, Obey Alliance.


News of Infinite Esports and Entertainment letting go of numerous staff members came in October, marking the start of a course correction for the company and the property it owns. GG Esports Academy (GGEA) and Sector Six were among the companies that were either closed or departed.

Connor Hall, General Manager of Allegiance discussed the decision in a statement: “It hurts to say that Allegiance will be fodling come the New Year. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to consider this option, though it isn’t any easier the seconf time around. Infinite Esports and Entertainment breathed life back into Allegiance when I first considered shutting it down.

“Though this past year has been a ride I won’t soon forget, Infinite leadership and I have agreed it’s time to shut the doors. On behalf of Allegiance, thank you for placing your faith in us and providing the opportunity to continue exploring and cultivating our passions.”

Allegiance has competed in titles such as Rocket League, Smash Bros., Arena of Valor, and Clash Royale. It also housed a number of figures in the speedrunning community.

Esports Insider says: Despite the announcement stating this decision was mutual, it’s hard to not view this move as a casualty of Infinite Esports and Entertainment’s renewed focused and operations. Allegiance definitely made a name for itself in its three-year life span and it’s a shame to see an endemic organisation close its doors.

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