dentsu X to provide marketing solutions for Thailand Esports Federation

Thailand’s Esports Federation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with dentsu X. The agreement will see dentsu X work with the governing body to develop opportunities as a strategic marketing partner and to develop and understand esports.

dentsu X’s responsibilities under the memorandum are to:

  • Provide strategic and marketing advice to the Sports Association of Thailand
  • Support and Develop marketing activities
  • Seek sponsors to monetize marketing rights and supervise
  • Manage and earn revenue from broadcasting and copyrighted sporting activities in both Thailand and abroad

Kazuo Koike, Managing Director of dentsu X, had this to say about the deal: “The signing of this memorandum of understanding shows the ability of agencies in Thailand to push forward the development of the sports market, especially to improve and develop an ecosystem of sustainable sports in Thailand. We are all very proud to be a part of this initiative and continue to work together.”

The Thailand Esports Federation was formed in 2013 and has operated under its current name since 2017. It’s recognised by the Sports Authority of Thailand and is a member of the International e-Sports Federation.

Santi Thong, president of the Thai Sports Association (TESF), added: “From the beginning, we had an international conference, this is because of the complex nature of Thailand, such as the management of the seminar, where the Sports Association of Thailand does not focus solely on athletes or tournaments. Thailand has many concerns, the Ministry of Public Health and the Ministry of Culture Ministry of Social Development and Human Security and many more have concerns about the effects of gaming on children. We need to be able to continue to talk (about these issues). 

Esports Insider says: As stated in the quotes from Santi Thong, Thailand has had a long history of trying to convince governing bodies that esports is not bad for children. Stories like this are an important step for gamers in Thailand who want to grow. While esports will be fine as an industry without the input of traditional sports bodies, getting their recognition is always welcomed.

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