Unikrn launches skill-based betting service dubbed UMode

Esports betting platform, Unikrn, takes another step towards enhancing user experience with new skill-based wager feature.

It’s another red-letter day for esports betting platform, Unikrn, as they announce their new skill-based betting feature, UMode, available in a number of global markets including 41 states. UMode coincides with Unikrn’s latest blockchain-based backend – known as Unikrn Jet – which offers a crypto experience for punters powered by US digital asset trading platform, Bittrex.

Unikrn is unique as the only live wagering company in the world exhibiting a crypto betting license from the Isle of Man – notoriously one of the most difficult licenses to obtain, yet providing a stamp of legitimacy in the gambling sphere. The Mark Cuban-backed company has continuously made strides in the esports betting trade and this latest announcement is nothing short of a brighter future for the organisation.

Alongside the more common spectator betting on professional matches, Unikrn will now offer skill-based betting on your own gameplay for leading titles such as Fortnite, League of Legends and Dota 2. Utilizing a built-in matchmaking system on the site, players of all skill levels are welcome to enjoy the newest UMode feature and compete in fair wager matches with Unikrn’s dedicated utility token, UnikrnGold and real money.

Rahul Sood, Unikrn

“Unikrn is built by gamers and is striving to give fans a way to heighten gaming even more,” said Rahul Sood, Unikrn CEO, “Over years, our fans have begged us for a way to back their own games and make their matchmaking more interesting, and now we’ve developed a way to do so which avoids the pitfalls of traditional players-vs-player skill betting.”

UMode adds an additional layer to playing your favorite games with its extensive betting feature likely to underscore every play you make in a match. As mentioned, the service is live and available to those of legal age to play – surf over to Unikrn’s UMode page now and check it out!

Esports Insider says: There’s a lofty appetite for esports betting in the US at the moment, Unikrn having been among the first to breakout into this market is certainly a good showing. While the concept of wager matches is not new, Unikrn is a company that works above board and is one that you can feel safe and confident in using.