Team Flash players and Indonesian footballers to compete in showmatch

Team Flash‘s FIFA players Joseph “Zarate” Yeo and “Amraan” Gani will compete in an esports showmatch alongside Indonesian footballers Egy Maulana Vikri and Witan Sulaiman on January 4th.

Singaporean sports agency Reddentes Sports and Indonesian esports media company Revival TV joined forces to create the event, which will take place in Jakarta.

Team Flash

Terence Ting, CEO of Team Flash commented in a statement: “It is a pleasure to be partnering with RevivalTV for our first esports event here in Indonesia. We are proud to bring our top Singaporean FIFA esport athletes, Zarate and Amraan over to Jakarta for the first time. Playing off against national footballers Egy and Witan is a great opportunity and showcase for both traditional sports fans and esports fans to come together.”

Egy Maulana Vikri and Witan Sulaiman, two under-19 footballers, will face off against Zarate and Amraan on a talk-show program which will be followed casual matches on Mobile Legends and FIFA 19. It’ll be broadcast live on the TVRI channel and on Revival TV’s YouTube Channel.

Irliansyah Wijanarko, Chief Growth Officer of Revival TV also discussed the event: “After success with a number of events in 2017 and 2018, in 2019 the Revival team will aim to organize bigger events to bring to fans in Indonesia. I want esports not only to be recognized by the government, but also be regarded as something good by the wider community. People can now have a career in the esports world, especially with esports officially one of the sports branches at the upcoming SEA Games and Asian Games.”

Esports Insider says: The lines between esports and traditional sports is blurring when it comes to ownership and investments, but it’s still great to see a crossover between the stars of each industry. FIFA is obviously a comfortable middle-ground for these particular pairings, too, so the event has potential.

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