X-Bet.co extends partnership with EPULZE; announces Rampage Series #4

30 January 2019


Online sportsbook, X-Bet.co, has announced today the extension of their partnership with online tournament platform, EPULZE, resulting in the fourth installment of the X-Bet.co Rampage Series.

X-Bet’s Rampage Series launched in June of last year, servicing up-and-coming Dota 2 teams from European and CIS regions through a 16-team tournament for cash prizes. Following the success of the previous installments, the Rampage Series #4 will take a turn towards elevating the competitive Dota population in Southeast Asia with 12 invited teams and 4 qualifying through the SEA region.

Despite X-Bet having some sound experience when it comes to sponsoring professional esports teams such as SFT-ESPORTS, Nova Esports and Iberia Esports, X-Bet.co spokesman, Russ Stevens, admits the Rampage Series #4 is an introductory step into the SEA division.

We see it as unique opportunity to further develop tournaments in the SEA region. Professional esports tournaments is something that people from Philippines, South Korea, China, Indonesia, Malaysia and many other Southeast Asian countries have enjoyed for years. X-Bet is keen to make a major contribution towards this by finding the next generation of esports stars.

Quite fittingly, X-Bet has prepared an exclusive 100% bonus specifically for the Rampage Series #4 good for up to €100; you can redeem the bonus by entering ‘RAMPAGE‘ into the special bonus-field on their site.

Esports Insider says: The Rampage Series has panned out well as an organically grown tournament series that uplifts new, talented esports teams for a chance at earning money and progressing their careers. The continuation of this series is a solid move for X-Bet.co as they further establish themselves in the esports betting space.