Bent Pixels enters esports with TSM and NRG as clients

27 March 2019


Revenue-accelerating agency Bent Pixels has launched an esports division that already has Team SoloMid and NRG Esports as clients.

Bent Pixels has also entered a partnership with gaming marketing and talent agency Ader to work with its roster of clients, creating new revenue streams.

Bent Pixels Esports
Logo credit: Bent Pixel

Mike Pusateri, CEO at Bent Pixels discussed the venture in a statement: “The plans for expanding into esports came organically as we saw more and more esports and streaming-focused creators and teams looking to scale their businesses beyond Twitch.

“The category is white hot and these creators are looking to diversify their revenue streams across digital platforms. That’s where Bent Pixels’ Esports team excels — taking content across platforms, administering network operations and helping them monetize holistically, at scale.”

Bent Pixels was the agency responsible for bringing Qualcomm to NRG Esports, resulting in a mobile sponsorship for the organisation’s Clash Royale League team.

Andy Miller, Chairman & Co-founder of NRG Esports also commented: “The business of Esports is on fire right now, but as a team, our main focus is to be great during the season and bring our competitive A games. It’s been a huge asset to have Bent Pixels working for us in the background to make sure we’re scaling revenue and partnering with the right brands, like Qualcomm.”

Outside of esports, Bent Pixels has worked with the likes of McDonald’s, Toyota, and Audible. It has offices in both Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

Esports Insider says: Team SoloMid and NRG Esports definitely aren’t bad clients to have when you’re just getting your esports division started. It’s great to see another agency enter the industry as the competition will only help to breed better results for those who inhabit esports.

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