Unikrn launches live betting platforms for streamers and CS:GO

Las Vegas-based esports betting company Unikrn has announced the launch of two brand new live betting platform, Unikrn Streamer Betting and Unikrn Virtual.

The Streamer Betting platform will allow fans to bet on any top streamer’s gameplay with fully automated odds updated in real-time, while the Virtual platform will enable esports fans to bet on top teams from iconic past rounds competitions. 

Unikrn Virtual Betting

Unikrn Streamer Betting is set to function by creating AI trading bots which understand popular games, interfaces, stream components and odds generation, and will be available on four continents. This system, which will include tracking of streamer performance for power fans, expands abundant and fastest-growing forms of popular entertainment for home viewers, mobile or on-site dual screen experiences. 

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On the new platform, Unikrn CEO Rahul Sood commented: “Streamers are the future of celebrity, entertainment, performance and athleticism, so finding a zero-friction way to let fans engage and bet was essential for the future of our industry. Not only are fans now able to watch and directly engage with streamers, but they’re able to experience the full thrill of victory along with the player on screen. This is a level of interactivity only dreamed of in the old world of sports and casino betting.”

Additionally, Andrew Vouris, Unikrn COO stated: “Unikrn is creating a fully-engaging platform to tap the potential of this unprecedented volume of competition-based entertainment. Streamers are the star athletes of a new generation, and they’re always on. Unikrn has made breakthroughs in technical and efficiency challenges which are shattering the mould of what is possible.”

Unikrn Streamer Betting

Unikrn’s new CS:GO betting platform Unikrn Virtual will enable esports fans to bet on top teams from iconic past rounds competitions. An algorithm using both archival and display techniques developed by Unikrn will give users access to key information about an upcoming round of CS:GO, then they may bet on the outcome.

The platform is a regulator-approved RNG game which uses an approved third-party to randomly generate a round of CS:GO from an existing pool of past professional matches, giving users the ability to bet on live esports match without the delays or waits associated with live matches. 

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Unirkn Virtual is set to have a range of betting options, including both true-random and expertise-based estimation categories, such as upcoming round number or final round score, respectively. Additionally, users will also have multi-bet options available. While the platform is initially confined to CS:GO, Unikrn has plans to expand into additional esports titles, and major esports competitions will be added in ongoing rollout throughout 2019 and beyond.

Unikrn Virtual betting during live CS:GO match

On Unikrn Virtual Betting, Andrew Vouris also had this to say: “Unikrn Virtual brings fans the excitement of live competitions, but in an always-on format with faster resolution and fewer interruptions. Unikrn Virtual will not only change quality and interactivity expectations for a bet-on-demand experience but will fundamentally shift the future of the Casino industry as we bring wildly popular esports without the baggage of downtime.”

Esports Insider says: Both of these live betting platforms have huge potential, although there is still much to learn about them.  The Streamer Betting platform is an intriguing new way for fans to engage with their favourite streamers, but how it develops will be interesting to see. Unikrn Virtual is a step closer to the live odds you get in traditional sports, and with such a high volume of matches in pro-CS:GO nearly every day, there are massive gains to be made!