Esport 8 International announces Esports Summer Camp 2019

Esport 8 International has announced Esports Summer Camp 2019, its League of Legends training camp in China.

The 11-day camp is open to both individuals and teams looking to improve their game skill and experience traditional Chinese culture. The various training activities include learning from professional coaches, communicating with professional players, visiting well-known game companies, experiencing Chinese folklore and visiting famous historical sites.

Some of the best coaches from current LPL teams such as, Zong Yuan ‘Saroo’ Li from SDG.LOL and Weijian ‘Panda’ Ye from OMG.LOL will guide attendees throughout the training camp. Professional players also from SDG.LOL and OMG.LOL will share their experience and assist attendees in honing their skills.

Starcy Chen, VP of marketing at Esport 8 International, said: “We are organising Esports Summer Camp 2019 for people to enhance their performance in the game, experience the life of professional esports players and understand traditional Chinese culture.

“We hope every attendee will get a boost in their game skills and enjoy the tour in China.

“Besides experiencing the life of professional esports players, attendees will also have opportunities to fully know China’s esports industry and help themselves to develop an esports career in China.”

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The camp will be held in Chengdu and Shanghai, with the venue offering numerous professional esports facilities and gaming peripherals to help attendees experience the life of esports professional players. Attendees can use the hi-tech facilities to review replays, formulate tactics and analyse match data.

Tickets for the training camps, which take place between July 21st – August 2nd and August 4th – 16th are available from the company site.

Esports Insider says: Western esports fans may not know China’s esports community very well.  This training camp may be a great opportunity for global esports players to get a better understanding of China’s esports scene and find out the secrets behind China’s dominance at major competitions.

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