Kappa Bar opens venue in Linköping

Swedish esports bar chain Kappa Bar has opened an establishment in Linköping, Sweden.

The new location joins its other bars in Stockholm, Göteborg, Jönköping, Malmö, and Uppsala.

Kappa Bar Linkoping
Photo credit: Kappa Bar

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Kappa Bar offers gamers a place to watch the biggest esports events with friends, containing a restaurant and bar alongside gaming zones. The chain was founded by Henric Lettberger and Klas Bergqvist, with recent investment in the bar from Emil “Heaton” Christensen.

HeatoN had this to say about the new venue: “I am extremely proud that we now have the opportunity to open up in Linköping. Linköping is a strong student city and thus a city with a strong esports following. Kappa Bar is for everyone and we hope we make Linköping’s residents happy with this news.”

Back in 2018, Esports Insider spoke with Bergqvist about future expansions: “We are working to have 10-12 signed Kappa Bars by the end of 2019 and 6-7 restaurants up and running.” With six venues now in operation, Kappa Bar is on course to expand at the rate the team set out in 2018.

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Bergqvist also discussed the potential of expanding beyond Sweden: “Regarding the expansion, we’ve had a lot of requests, both nationally and internationally. We want to make the expansion fast but retain control of it. Our franchisees are everything for us, we have to give them the support and backup that is needed to open every Kappa bar with success”

Esports Insider says: Kappa Bar is continuing to expand, which is a great sign for esports fans in Sweden. As the company grows, it seems like only a matter of time before we see Kappa Bar leave Sweden and opens a location in another part of Europe. With Denmark, Norway, and Finland on its doorstep, those could be a logical locations for the future.

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