Team Queso enters two-year deal with Lotto

18 December 2019


Earlier this month, Spanish organisation Team Queso announced a two-year deal with Italian sportswear manufacturer Lotto.

The partnership will see Lotto supply Team Queso with footwear and apparel to the organisation’s players.

Team Queso Lotto
Photo credit: Team Queso

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Alvaro “Alvaro845” Gonzalez, CEO and founder of Team Queso discussed the deal in a release: “We are very excited to have Lotto as a partner for the development of the best technical equipment. During the next two years Team Queso and Lotto will work together to develop clothing and footwear for eSports competitions, as well as casual clothing that our players will wear.”

The deal, which includes women’s clothing, will see Team Queso’s members wear Lotto products while training, streaming, and competing.

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Team Queso is also partnered with the likes of pizza chain Telepizza, gaming peripheral brand Razer, gaming hardware brand Lenovo Legion, and food preparation service Wetaca.

Sportswear and esports have made a noticeable convergence in 2019. Deals such as Vexed and Kappa, Team Vitality and adidas, LPL and Nike, Team Heretics and adidas, FURIA and Nike, Luminosity Gaming and Champion, and Cloud9 and Puma are just some examples of the crossover this year.

Esports Insider says: This just adds to the trend we’ve seen in 2019 where sportswear brands are looking to capitalise on the popularity and audience of esports organisations. Lotto is simply the latest name in sportswear to get involved and it certainly won’t be the last.