VIDEO: Mikael Westerling & Sujoy Roy on esports betting bolstered by data | ESI Focus: Data in Esports #3

07 September 2021


As esports betting continues to grow, the need to acquire data efficiency has become crucial. The data collection that powers esports and traditional sports bookmakers are vastly different, but we have been seeing a growing trend of traditional sports bookmakers offering esports wagering options to their services.

On this week’s episode, we are joined by GRID Esports’ VP of Business Development, Mikael Westerling, and Midnite’s Marketing Director, Sujoy Roy, to discuss why esports data is important to bookmakers, both traditional and esports-specific.

Moreover, the discussion also goes in-depth about how betting companies utilise esports data and how the process differs from traditional sports. This is the third episode in ESI Focus’s series on Data in Esports, presented by GRID Esports, hosted by Esports Insider Sub-Editor, Tom Daniels.

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