ESI Digital Spring Day One Recap

ESI Digital Spring: Day one recap

After a four-month break since ESI Digital Winter, day one of ESI Digital Spring saw the return of many friendly faces both on the virtual stage and in the audience. The event...
Nicole Pike YouGov

YouGov: How nuanced data can make your esports partnership work harder for you

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored piece written by Nicole Pike, Global Sector Head of Esports & Gaming at polling company YouGov. For brands, identifying the opportunities to engage and connect with esports...
Building with Liquid

Building with Liquid: The visionaries behind the Alienware Training Facility

Like so many stories in the Netherlands, it began on a train. A Dutch architect took a seat on his way home. He was a fresh graduate, still wearing his nametag...

The educational potential of esports: Inside the BIG x Babbel partnership

Earlier this year, Esports Insider reported that Berlin International Gaming (BIG) had partnered with e-learning languages platform Babbel to produce and promote educational content on BIG’s broadcasting channels, including tailored stream...
Caleb Cousens

Creating a culture of excellence in esports — Caleb Cousens

What can esports orgs learn from sports' greatest dynasties? In this piece, ESI's new Guest Columnist Caleb Cousens, CEO of Adamas Esports, explores how teams gone by have created winning cultures,...

How software solutions can improve engagement in esports — 27 Nerds

In esports, everything is digital. The game, the data, broadcasts, interactions and for the most part, the viewer experience. The industry sobered up from the presumption that just streaming matches will...

Esports investment report: $28.8m committed in February 2021

According to Esports Insider’s calculations, around $28.8m (~£20.6m) of disclosed esports investment was committed in February 2021. Nearly half of that money — $11.5m (~£8.23m) — was raised by Nerd Street...

Diversity in Brazilian esports: An interview with CBLOL’s new talent

The CBLOL, Brazil's top-tier League of Legends competition, now has three female casters. For the 2021 season, CBLOL Academy will have Maria 'Fogueta' Julia, Layze 'Lahgolas' Brandão and Ravena Dutra (known simply...
North logo with Nordic stylized lion head insignia and rune-like type face

The state of the funding market for esports organisations in 2021

Coming as a surprise to many, Nordisk Films and Parken Sport & Entertainment decided to cease operations of the Danish esports organisation North on Friday, February 5th.  Nordisk and PS&E also own...
Akshat Rathee

NODWIN Gaming MD on the rise of PC esports in India

In recent years, South Asia has positioned itself as one of the bigger mobile gaming markets. The now-banned PUBG Mobile helped usher in a new era of gaming and esports culture...