Esports fans are spoiled

Are esports fans spoiled? Industry figures weigh in on paths to profitability

Fans of traditional sports are used to opening up their wallets. Commercials, ticket prices, blackouts of games in select markets and complicated cable packages are just some of the inconveniences sports...
David Fenlon High value products

David Fenlon: High value products will drive self-sustaining growth in the esports industry

The growing esports audiences have a significant amount of disposable income which the industry has barely tapped into due to a lack of upmarket products, writes David Fenlon in this guest...
A virtual oasis: sports turn to esports content during crisis

Esports industry has unique opportunity for sports expansion

Note: This is a guest piece by Jack Davis from ISF Content Media Esports events are getting quite the surge in viewership at the moment, with the likes of Twitch and...

Opinion: It’s too early to jump on the VALORANT esports bandwagon

Riot Games' launch of VALORANT, its free-to-play first-person shooter, went extremely well in terms of viewership and reception. Built with competition at the forefront of the mind, it's of little surprise...
Fnatic Rising, winners of the 2019 UKLC Summer Split.

How the NLC aims to bolster local League of Legends esports

Earlier this month, DreamHack heralded the launch of a new tournament, the Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC), in partnership with Riot Games. The NLC will act as the newest European Regional League (ERL) on the...

David Fenlon: The window of opportunity is closing on esports for mega-growth

The esports industry needs to grab and secure its share of advertisers’ budgets before the next recession kicks in, writes David Fenlon in this guest piece. In lockdown, esports has become the...
Women in Esports committee

Women in Esports committee pushes for further inclusivity

The British Esports Association’s Women in Esports campaign was launched in 2019 to celebrate and highlight women in the esports industry. The campaign worked toward raising awareness and inclusivity in the...
Esports Bookmakers Marketing BLAST London

How esports bookmakers are marketing to potential bettors

With esports reportedly reaching up to $8 billion in total wagers in 2019, there’s no saying what the figure for 2020 will be with the recent boom in esports betting. It’s...
Complexity Gaming Herman Miller

Herman Miller’s esports entry is a welcomed fight against gaming chairs

Update - 15/04/20: Secretlab provided the following comment as a response to this article: “At Secretlab, we’ve taken the performance-oriented philosophy of luxury car seats and adapted it to provide long...
We Are Nations YANA Plan

We Are Nations: When a plan comes together

Note: This is a guest piece from Patrick Mahoney, CEO of We Are Nations To quote the A-Team’s Colonel John “Hannibal” Smith (the original television show, not the Hollywood reboot): “I love...