Team Liquid announces partnership with Crunchyroll

14 September 2016


Team Liquid, a juggernaut in the esports scene took to its social media yesterday to announce its latest partnership and it is by no means a traditional one. Crunchyroll, a San Francisco based company provides officially-licensed Japanese anime and Asian content to viewers through their website and applications found across multiple consoles and mobile devices. Their content is professionally translated and often available within minutes of TV broadcast.

In a quirky statement that requires English subtitles to understand the blocks of Japanese scribe, Team Liquid announce that they are excited to “fuse with Crunchyroll”. The anime world is not strictly related to the esports realm but it is well-known that several high profile players watch anime and the communities often crossover.

“Both cultures share a lot in common, from fantasy sci-fi themes to spicy memes.          Most of our players even spend their free time watching shows.” 

Whilst a partnership has been announced, with Team Liquid encouraging fans to take advantage of a free month of premium Crunchyroll membership – there is little to no further detail on the extent of the partnership. It remains to be seen as to whether or not the Crunchyroll logo will start to feature on the TL jersey or the brand will be endorsed elsewhere.

This is not the first time Crunchyroll have delved into the esports world, however. In June 2014, they became affiliated with Cloud9‘s League of Legends team and at the start of this month announced an identical 30-day free trial for fans of the North American based team.

Header image sourced from Crunchyroll home pagwe.