Esports Insider is an independent news publication that strives to cover the esports industry with diligence. We seek to maintain a high level of editorial integrity, and as such our journalists follow robust editorial guidelines that ensure impartiality and objectivity in our work. We aim to never compromise our journalistic ethics, and we allow our journalists to operate with the autonomy and independence required for quality, unbiased journalism.

Alongside producing independent content, Esports Insider works with a wide variety of external partners and clients to produce multimedia content that appears across all of Esports Insider’s platforms.

To ensure our audience understands the type of relationship that Esports Insider has with its partners, we have outlined the following criteria to explain these relationships and provide transparency.

Created in collaboration with

‘Created in collaboration with’ denotes ESI content that has been co-created with an external party and produced collaboratively with ESI’s editorial department. External parties may contribute their points-of-view but have no impact on the final publication of the piece. These pieces may be supported by ESI Media clients.

Supported by

‘Supported by’ denotes editorially independent ESI content that is supported by an ESI Media client but produced by ESI’s editorial department.

From our sponsor/advertiser

‘From our sponsor’, ‘from our advertiser’ and ‘advertisement’ denote content published on ESI in which ESI’s editorial department was not involved in the creation of, but may have edited to fit ESI’s content standards. This content is controlled by the listed advertising partner or ESI Media client.

Coverage partner

‘Coverage Partner’ denotes content produced at an event attended by Esports Insider where the event organiser has contributed to travel and/or accommodation for Esports Insider staff. All content is strictly editorially independent and has not been vetted nor influenced by that partner.

Update & Corrections Policy

In the event an article needs to be updated with major new developments that happen post-publication, Esports Insider will add a notice to the article that provides an accurate description of new events. In some cases, this will be accompanied by in-text changes.

In the event of article corrections, for example to address factual inaccuracies or significant errors, we will update the article immediately and issue a clearly visible correction outlining what was changed and when.