Detroit Renegades partner with HyperX

01 November 2016


Renegades, or Detroit Renegades, have signed a partnership with HyperXrenegades

The team, which was signed by Boston Celtic’s Jonas Jerebko earlier this year which led to the rebranding and ‘Detroit’ addition to the name, has teams in CS:GO, League of Legends, Halo, Gigantic and Super Smash Bros. HyperX is a part of umbrella company Kingston based in the US. 

Jerebko said in a statement: “The long term goal is to established the Detroit Renegades as a top gaming organisationworldwide, and partnering with HyperX gives my team a competitive edge during an exposlive time in the gaming market.

“Working with HyperX is a natural fit for Renegades, uniting a great team of players with some of the best gaming gear available by a company committed to the sport.”

HyperFox has shown reasonably extensive commitment to esports and regularly appears at ESL events as well as those by DreamHack. It also has its tentacles in the NBA and has backed Rick Fox and his esports organisation Echo Fox. 

Esports Insider says: This is a great deal by Jerebko and his Detroit Renegades and should the HyperX gear give them any sort of competitive advantage, it’s an even greater one.