Twitch to aid TSM and Cloud9 in attracting non-endemic sponsorship

21 November 2016


Twitch announced late last week that they had partnered with both Cloud9 and TSM, two well established esports organisations to assist them in attracting sponsors that aren’t endemic to the industry. 

Credit: Twitch

Kevin Lin, COO of Twitch said the following in a statement: 

“Our goal is to help introduce more sponsors into the space through broad reach that includes media and now sponsorships”

For both Cloud9 and TSM, Twitch will now become the exclusive streaming platform for players and personalities signed to their respective organisations. Other streaming platforms have attempted to lure teams away in the past, OG signed to Hitbox initially, Team Secret signed with and both Curse (now part of Team Liquid) and Fnatic had previously signed with Azubu. All of the aforementioned organisations no longer have such partnerships and the bulk of streamers have moved back to Twitch.

“We’re thrilled Twitch will be representing TSM for future sponsorships,” TSM CEO and founder Andy Dinh said in a press release. 

Esports Insider says: This is more an expansion on an existing “partnership” between the streaming site and the organisations. Twitch already allows organisations to create groups for each of their players to stream under a “brand banner” – and this basically looks set to be an extension. Effectively, Twitch are now to act as the sales representatives for TSM and Cloud9. It may be just the start, as some believe that Twitch will start to facilitate more and more esports as it looks to cement itself as the number one streaming service.