Fnatic partners with GG.Bet

05 December 2016


Fnatic, which was the first major organisation in esports to partner with a betting operator, has now announced a brand new sponsorship deal with GG.Bet

Wouter Sleijffers, Fnatic
Wouter Sleijffers, Fnatic

GG.Bet is an online only betting platform ‘designed by esports enthusiasts and professionals’.

A post on the Fnatic site said that this partnership will give them the opportunity to build on their long-standing goal “of growing the esports industry and helping it realise its fullest potential”.

A GG.Bet spokesperson commented: “GG.Bet are very proud to start this partnership with Fnatic. As a company, we always seek to support the growth of esports and provide our users with a premium service. By working with one of esports’ leading organizations we’re hoping to bring the fans closer to the action than ever before.

“Fnatic boasts a huge fanbase all over the world and we are thrilled with the opportunity to provide exclusive content that will allow their fans to get a close look behind the scenes.”

Fnatic CEO Wouter Sleijffers said of the new partnership: “Fnatic is very excited to partner with GG.Bet for our Counter-Strike and DotA teams. GG.Bet is a licensed and regulated bookmaker solely dedicated to esports matches and esports fans.

“They offer prices and a wide range of esports titles and events providing for a unique product and experience even if you’re only interested in GG.Bet’s predictions on our chances of winning. We’re looking forward to further build on our continued success with GG.Bet.”

Esports Insider says: Fnatic has established its second partnership with a betting operator, and don’t be surprised to hear of a great deal more orgs doing the same in 2017.