Gamer rewards platform enters Open Beta

19 December 2016


Charlie Meaden,, a new gamer reward website where ‘players can win real-life prizes for playing their favorite games’, announced on Friday that it has entered Open Beta. is completely free to join and gamers who register can earn points just for playing games including League of Legends, Smite, Halo 5, and Paladins, with many further games being added in the near future. 
Gamers who register on Uproar can earn points by completing particular
in-game objectives and/or interacting in the community. They can then use their earnings to enter raffles to win merchandise such as gaming peripherals from Razer and SteelSeries, in-game currency, special skins, gift cards, and more.
In addition to rewards, Uproar will also be regularly posting gaming event details on a global scale along with game updates and eSports information.
Charlie Meaden, CEO of Uproar said: “A gamer reward site such as Uproar seems like a natural evolution for the industry. Gamers invest so many hours honing their skills so they can be better players – why not give them real world rewards for all their commitment to the games they play?”
Uproar users can also join existing communities on the site or create their own communities based on their particular game interests.

Esports Insider says: Potential rewards for playing games on a free to join platform seems a good deal. Just how long it will take to accumulate enough enough points isn’t too clear at this stage, but we’re more than willing to give Uproar a try. It has started out on Beta with a reasonably solid selection of games too.