Shadowverse will feature Street Fighter V characters

14 February 2017


Cygames has teamed up with Capcom in a partnership that will see characters from Street Fighter V appear in collectible card game Shadowverse

Starting this Spring, gamers worldwide will be able to get their hands on Street Fighter V themed character skins and card sleeves in Shadowverse.

Shadowverse was released only last year but has enjoyed a great start to life in the digital collectible card games world, with some speculating that it could cut some meat from the bone of Hearthstone in digital CCG esports. This is a sector of gaming which is worth an amount that may surprise those not accustomed to it; research and analytics firm Superdata estimates that it’ll bring in $1.4bn in 2017. The likes of Shadowverse and Duelyst breaking through are contributing to this, but it’s the Blizzard giant (which only released in 2014) that is the undisputed champ. 

Naturally this revelation begs the question of which Street Fighter V characters will appear in Shadowverse. They are as follows: Cammy (Forestcraft), Chun Li (Swordcraft), Juri (Runecraft), Ryu (Dragoncraft), M. Bison (Shadowcraft), Vega (Bloodcraft) and Karin (Havencraft).

Players should note that although Shadowverse is free to download and play, the press release stated that the Street Fighter V related content ‘may require additional in-game purchases, and the final details of the collaboration may be subject to change’. Final details about the collaboration will be unveiled on and via the in-game newsfeed.

Shadowverse looks set for a successful 2017 and connections like this, with established companies like Capcom and incredibly popular brands such as Street Fighter V, will help ensure this is the case. 

Esports Insider says: It’s nice to see these two worlds colliding and undoubtedly there’ll be big fans of both who won’t be able to wait to get their hands on these new Street Fighter themed skins and card sleeves.